1908 was the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

Since then:

  1. The radio was invented.
  2. Four states have been admitted to the Union.
  3. The atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  4. The television was invented.
  5. The U.S. went through the Great Depression and the "great recession".
  6. The U.S. has participated in two World Wars and five major armed conflicts.
  7. The National Football League was founded.
  8. Major League Baseball was granted special exemption from antitrust laws.
  9. Man landed on the moon.
  10. Halley's comet has passed the Earth twice.
  11. 17 different Presidents have been elected, one has been appointed, one has resigned, and one has been impeached, but not removed.
  12. Harry Carey was born in St. Louis, broadcast 25 years with the Cardinals, fired by the Cardinals, broadcast 1 season with the Oakland A's, broadcast 11 seasons with the Chicago White Sox, broadcast 16 seasons with the Chicago Cubs, and passed away.
  13. Wrigley Field was built, became the oldest baseball park in the National League, and was repaired due to falling concrete.
  14. Wrigley Field hosted the NFL games for 50 seasons, at one time more than any other stadium in history. This record was surpassed by the two-team Meadowlands, which has since been torn down.
  15. Wrigley Field hosted the 1963 NFL Championship, three MLB all-star gamesm and the 2009 NHL Winter Classic.
  16. The State of Illinois financed a new park for the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Bears.
  17. Chicago has been home to eight NFL champions, one Super Bowl champion, one Arena Bowl champion, six Stanley Cup champions, two IHL champions, two AHL champion, six NBA champions, and one MLS Cup champion.
  18. Lights have been added to 30 major league baseball stadiums, even Wrigley.
  19. Fourteen teams have been added to the major leagues.
  20. Baseball and softball have become Olympic sports and were later removed.
  21. The World Series has been won by 21 different franchises, including 6 expansion teams and 1 from Canada.
  22. Hundreds of boys were born, raised, played inept baseball for the Cubs, retired, and died of old age.
  23. The Chicago White Sox have won 2 World Series.
Sorry, but I don't know who gets original credit for this. I've had this list since Jr. High. I took the liberty of updating the facts and adding a few more.

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