Minx's Second Childhood Page
Where grownups can be kids
be childlike without being childish
can revel in their creative side, their silly side,
the nonsensible urchin that lives inside all of us.
And now I get ANOTHER childhood to enjoy as I celebrate my son and grow and learn as a new mommy.

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Kelly as Tank Girl by Minx Kelly

Whoever said we couldn't play with toys when we grow up? Too many trade their Playdough for Playboy, their coloring books for colorless days, their Tonkas for Mazdas, their Hot Wheels for Hot Dates.

Tommy as Beetlejuice by Minx Kelly

Too many of my generation lost our childhoods too early, didn't have the money or leisure to truly enjoy ourselves in our youth, so we try to now. For some, cool toys means fast computers, faster modems and a great graphics card. For me at least, it means I do what I wanna do, play how I wanna play. It means I have Barbies, Lego Sets, Playdough, Colorforms, Lincoln Logs, and even Fisher Price Houses in my playroom. It means I spend hours designing masterpieces with my Tyco, Lego, and Ritvik bricks. It means I make Barbie dresses, and Barbie twisted art projects. It means I have Playdough creatures all over our house, and I have buckets full of happy meal toys. Count me in the DISNEY Generation, the Brady bunch rejects whose houses NEVER looked like the ones on TV. Our food was cooked by Mr, Microwave not Mr. French. Don't eat the daisies? how 'bout don't drink the water.

For all those who didn't get one, or didn't like the one they had, here's your chance for a second childhood....

Powerpuff Pal Melody
by Minx Kelly
Go buy a bunch of blowpops, or candy rings. Suck on some pixie stix. Here's your golden ticket to the wonkavator. No I haven't inhaled fumes from too much Superelastic BubblePlastic, no I didn't donate my brain to Mr. Wizard for a science project. I just made a conscious decision to let my inner child have her way. To sit on the floor and play games, to watch cartoons and laugh in bed reading the Sunday funnies. If you feel like joining me, pull up a beanbag chair and grab the lite-brite. Now more than ever we need to look for the joy in life, to find the smiles and not give way to the despair and fear that try to steal away the very life in our lifetime...Live Love and Laugh, today, right now, this very second. Go on, I'll wait for you to finish...

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