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One of the most detailed contempory Paper Doll Series available today is the bi-monthly American Girl Magazine Paper Dolls. Each Issue features a real live girl who has researched her family tree and sent in photos of herself and various female ancestors. The clothes are in vibrant colors and excellent historical and ethnic costumes. The sense of accomplishment for any of these girls is evident, and the artists that take the photos and recreate these real life American Girls as paper dolls are to be commended for their beautiful work.

Important!!!! In a recent phone call expressing my displeasure at the ALL dogs issue complete with dogs paperdoll instead of the wonderful historical paperdoll we are used to, it was hinted at that there may be a sticker issue instead of paperdoll, as well as a discontinuation of the doll entirely! She said it was tentative, BUT if you love these dolls as much as I do be sure and call write or email to let AMerican Girl magazine know we LOVE their paperdolls and do not want to see them disappear.

Real Life American Girls

Doll #1 Nov-Dec 1992
Courtney Price
Traces back to 1792
Doll #2 Jan-Feb 1993
Shira Kalman-Hicks
Traces back to 1871
If you have this doll
to sell please email
Doll #3 Mar-Apr 1993
Alexandra Forsythe
Traces back to 1864
Doll #4 May-June 1993
Allison Barnthouse
Traces back to 1783

Doll #5 July-Aug 1993
Lindsey Kawamura
Traces back to 1863
Doll #6 Sep-Oct 1993
Chrissy Lanning
Traces back to 1849
Doll #7 Nov-Dec 1993
Ashlyn Denny
Traces back to 1873
Doll #8 Jan-Feb 1994
Laura Benoit
Traces back to 1758
Acadia Canada

Doll #9 Mar-Apr 1994
Ashley DeTillio
Traces back to 1861
Doll #10 May-June 1994
Brienne Kvaran
Traces back to 1834
Doll #11 July-Aug 1994
Emily Chamberlain
Traces back to 1890
Doll #12 Sep-Oct 1994
Emily Talbot
Traces back to 1878

Doll #13 Nov-Dec 1994
Monica Wendel
Traces back to 1842
Doll #14 Jan-Feb 1995
Ashlee Stevenson
Traces back to 1841
Doll #15 Mar-Apr 1995
Falon Robbins
Traces back to 1857
Doll #16 May-June 1995
Kathleen Hynes
Traces back to 1870

Doll #17 July-Aug 1995
Amanda Walls
Traces back to 1840
Doll #18 Sep=Oct 1995
Ragini Srinivasan
Traces back to 1906
Doll #19 Nov-Dec 1995
Elizabeth Perlman
Traces back to 1629
Doll #20 Jan-Feb 1996
Taylor Norvell
Traces back to 1881

Doll #21 MAr-Apr 1996
Christy Nock
Traces back to 1871
Doll #22 May-June 1996
Brittany Harold-Golden
Traces back to 1890
Doll #23 July-Aug 1996
Sefako Ketosugbo
Traces back to 1886
Doll #24 Sep-Oct 1996
Sarah Streit
Traces back to 1439
Medieval England

Doll #25 Nov-Dec 1996
Melissa Siracuse
Traces back to 1870
Doll #26 Jan-Feb 1997
Emily Zeroun
Traces back to 1884
Doll #27 Mar-Apr 1997
Rachel Scholten
Traces back to 1893
Doll #28 May-June 1997
Stephanie Sutton
Traces back to 1865

Doll #29 July-Aug 1997
Kaleen Long
Traces back to 1899
Doll #30 Sep-Oct 1997
Stephanie Garrard
Traces back to 1855
Doll #31 Nov-Dec 1997
Nicole Recomendes
Traces back to 1891
Doll #32 Jan-Feb 1998
Hilary Rhodes
Traces back to 1650

Doll #33 Mar-Apr 1998
Liana Katz
Traces back to 1888
Doll #34 May-June 1998
Julia Lewis
Traces back to 1887
Doll #35 July-Aug 1998
Marisha Castle
Traces back to 1885
Doll #36 Sep-Oct 1998
Synneva Hagen-Lillevik
Traces back to 1871

Doll #37 Nov-Dec 1998
Jacqueline Moorehead
Traces back to 1862
Rhode Island
Doll #38 Jan-Feb 1999
Kara Irby
Traces back to 1893
Washington DC
Doll #39 Mar-Apr 1999
Mary Chris Denney
Traces back to 1684
New York
Doll #40 May-June 1999
Nadia Abouraya
Traces back to 1853
Arabian desert

Doll #41 July-Aug 1998
Kimberly allen
Traces back to 1901
North Carolina
Doll #42 Sep-Oct 1999
Vanessa Yang
Traces back to 1885
Doll #43 Nov-Dec 1999
Hannah Hamavid
Traces back to 1863
Doll #44 Jan-Feb 2000
Kelly Jones
Traces back to 1103
Medieval England

Doll #45 Mar-Apr 2000
Paper Dogs, just dogs,
that's all,yawn!
dogs through the ages,
wasn't that insightful?
Doll #46 May-June 2000
Ilze Lazdins
Traces back to 1881
The current Issue
and paperdoll
is online at
American Girl Magazine.
The current Issue
and paperdoll
is online at
American Girl Magazine.

The first AG Mag paperdoll was 3 pages double sided regular magazine sheets, I don't know what #2 was, but #3 was an 8x10" pullout folded 4 page poster sheet. Dolls #4 through #17 were on a 3 page double-sided cardstock sheet 8.5" x 10.5" and dolls #18 to current are on a 3 page double-sided cardstock sheet measuring 7"x11". Each doll is in the same shape and proportions so the clothes are interchangable. There is usually the doll, 4 outfits, and 2 mini-booklet pages to assemble into a small history diary of the girl.

I have heard mention of a promotional paperdoll that was distributed prior to the first issue for publicity but have not seen it. If you have this promo doll and can send me a photo copy I'd love to add it to this webpage.

Here are some photos of a few of my favorite costumes and dresses.

The best part is a lot of these dolls are still obtainable through the back-issues. I first found these dolls in Feb 1998 and in 1 short year was able to acquire all but #2 in the series. I found the American Girl website, called their info # and was transferred to the magazine customer service. and was not only able to set up a subscription to get all the new issues and their paper dolls, but quite a few back issues. The man who was extremely helpful for me was named Dennis. Anyway I was able to get quite a few of the older issues for only 5$ each. If you call they may be able to help you as well. I bought ones as far back as Jul-Aug 1995. their webpage is at http://www.americangirl.com/ and the customer service phone number is (800)845-0005.

Email me at minxkely@xnet.com.

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