~*~*~*~Becoming Bridget~*~*~*~

Bridget Lee Spengler

"Bridey" to her friends.

brought to you by Minxworks...
(but only when she has to)

(custom ooak makeover, originally a Pizza Time Chelsie)
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Determined to prove that lurking inside the cheesy Pizza Time Gal was a precious alluring waif, I set out to find her...

Off came the freckles with a very small sanding grit (which left small shadows beneath her eyes(visible only to the eye and not the camera), PERFECT imperfection for an ooak doll that gives her eyes a very slightly tired appearance.

Her hair was wrapped into 6 banana curls, facing forwards and then boil permed. When dry, I trimmed and fluffed them into a cascade of soft waves. This got rid of the overly shiny slick hair texture and made it look normal. I pulled the front locks back into a ponytail and layered the back and underside to reduce the volume. (Roseanna Danna look otherwise).

Her eyes became 3 tones of a dark green with red and white highlights, darkened the lashes since I knew she would be wearing glasses sometimes. Her lips are apple red, made the lower lip a smidge lower, and the teeth area a little smaller for a winsome smile. A modest application of rouge qualifies her as a high color Bridey.

The final touch was the stunning metamorphosis of the ugly pizza dress into a fringed trendy top. I had to strenthen the velcro and armholes first, then I just snipped and removed the weft threads to about 1/2" fringe.

Bridey was created to go visit with Angie Gill and she is a cousin on Chazz's side to my girls Cassie, Moon and Killashandra. I had intended her to be in my family, hence the Irish name, but when Chazz saw her and said she looks like a tomboy he then proceeded to tell me why she really would be from HIS side of the family. Not one to question unsolicited doll interest I quickly acquiesced. hahahaha!!! And so Bridey Lee Spengler was born!

This is her bedroom at home and cat Pyewacket. She starts packing for her visit to Angie's, but then spends some time playing with Pyewacket since she will miss him so much. She'll be gone until the new year!!

Bridey plays the flute in the school band. She is not sure she'll bring it with her, but if she doesn't practice she will forget how to play.

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