~*~*~*~Pajama Party Fun!~*~*~*~

Sleepover time with Pajama Party Maria, Powerpuff Pal Melody and Powerpuff Pal Jenny

brought to you by Minxworks...
(but only when she has to)

(Powerpuff Pal PJs made by Colleen Kelly Spengler)
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Jenny and Maria come over to Melody's house for a slumber party! The girls are all ready for bed but want to play a little longer. Melody plays with her crystal castle.

Maria starts playing with a cute doll but Jenny says she wants it so Maria hands it over.

Melody reminds Jenny it is nicer to share so Maria gets the dolly back and starts pushing her around in a car. "vroom vrooooooom" she says. Melody plays with her toy dalmation.

Melody starts yipping, making "woof woof" noises when Jenny points and giggles, singing "I see London, I see France, I see Maria's underpants!"

Melody tries to ignore her but Jenny sings it again!

When Maria starts crying Melody goes over to hug her and then glares at Jenny. "If you can't be nice you won't get to come over for my next slumber party!" Jenny kind of mumbles an apology but doesn't look real sorry. Melody tells Maria to come sleep in the big bed with her and her Bubbles doll. Jenny sleeps in the little bed by herself.

Maria keeps telling knock knock jokes and the two girls giggle until Jenny calls over from the other side of the room. She says "knock knock!"

The girls looks at her a little warily then Maria says "Who's there?"

Jenny says "Ida!"

Maria says "Ida who?"

Jenny fidgets with the blanket and says "Ida biggest jerk in Chicago! I'm really sorry Maria! I don't want to be mean!"

Maria and Melody smile and say they forgive her.

In just a little while all the girls are snoozing away.
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