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It's time for Halloween fun!

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Welcome to Minxie's Halloween Fun! for October 31, 2001

As the fun progresses I will upload the photos and games as fast as I can so check back often for new stuff during the day!

You can also go to the Live Halloween Party chat page!

Mommie is busy setting up the computer stuff so all the kids can talk to their family real soon, so Shandra goes to the front room and sees that Rain is already there. Her friend Rain came all the way from New York! Her mommy Nicole is good friends with Mommy Minx.

Rain shows off her cool Dragonfly costume. "I can fly if I wanted to! I could I just don't want to." Shandra smiles, saying "you look so cool! that purple is shimmery pretty! I'm a genie! could you tell?"

Rain says "uh huh! Maybe you can grant my wish for lotsa candy tonight!" the girls giggle. The doorbell rings! another friend is here! "I wonder who it is?" says Shandra.

Shandra jumps up to wave hi as Callie and Allie arrive from South Carolina! Callie is the bee and Allie is a fairy! "Hey" says Shandra, "We can both grant wishes!" Allie giggles.

The kids hear Mommy Minx call from the other room, "Hi girls! How's your mom?" Mommy Minx is good friends with Callie and Allie's mommy Karin. Mommy Minx calls "Guess what kids! the computer is all set up!!"

You can go to the Live Halloween Party chat page!

Mommie comes out and the kids start decorating the house for the party tonight. Callie and Allie help Minx put up lots of stringy spooky cobwebs! Minxie gives a special smile to Allie saying "I LOVE fairies!"

Rain and Shandra wave hi to Cloe Bean who just arrived from New Hampshire! "Wow!" says Rain, "cool costume!" Cloe giggles and says "ooga booga!!! I'm a cavegirl!!! My Mommy made me this outfit."

While everyone just relaxes and waits for the party the three houseguests ask Mommy Minx to help them change into their halloween costumes. There are 3 visitors right now, Molly and Leah Crouch, the world travelers, and Cookie Elaine Gill, a special friend from Ohio. Mommy Minx says "Of course girls! we'll have you changed in a jiffy!"

Leah and Molly come back downstairs dressed as cancan dancers and Cookie wears the adorable bunny costume her mommy Angie made her. As the 3 join the others 2 more Ohio guests arrive, Punky Burtin as a pumpkin and Lorena as a Ladybug. Their mommies are also good friends and are from Ohio too.

Rain and Molly open up the Candyland game saying "what better game to play on Halloween!" Callie and Punky ask if they can play too and Rain says "sure!" Cookie is feeling a little shy for now so she plays with the cat on the couch.

Cloe looks at the huge tray of cookies and candy Mommie Minx put out and says "I wish we could eat this all night!" Genie Shandra says "Shalacamala-cabala-cadabra! Your wish is granted!" Then fairy Allie taps the candy with her wand and says "and I will make them magically double delicious!"

Cloe's eyes go real wide and she takes a cookie tasting it and saying "mmm!!! it worked! wow, you guys CAN do magic!"

Shandra and Leah go running up to say hi as 2 new girls arrive. "Hi there! I'm Shandra and this is Leah, she's visiting here for a while."The two girls smile back, "I'm Deanna and my grandma made me this lion costume. My sister is Cassie Victoria!" Cassie shakes Shandra's hand and says "I'm a storybrook princess! I mean storyBOOK princess! and I just turned 4 years old." Leah says "Happy Birthday Princess Cassie!"

Leah tells jokes on the internet chat page as Shandra and Deanna play hungry hippos. Deanna tells Shandra she is from Canada! "Wow!" says Shandra, "You look just like an American. My sisters went to Italy but they should be home real soon. I miss them! It's kinda scary when they went out of the country! Aren't you a little scared?"

Deanna says "a little... I miss my Mommy, but she said coming to Chicago would be lots of fun and so far she was right!"

"Meow Meow! We're here!" Liza Pumkitty and her friend Magdeline are here from Washington state. Lorena goes up to say hi.
With all the sleepover visitors present and accounted for, Minxie sends the kids upstairs to watch "James and the Giant Peach" while she sets up all the food downstairs for the party and adds a few last minute decorations.

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