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Inviting the Mansons

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Maggie, Shandra and Bridey head down the street to the Manson house. Mom sent them down to invite the neighbors to the Halloween party tonight.

The girls hesitate at the door and suddenly remember something important they'd rather be doing, like helping mom with the housework! or doing math homework.

"You knock!" says Maggie.

"Nuh uh!" says Shandra. "What if they answer?!!!"

Bridey sighs. "I'll do it you chickens!"

Roxy answers the door very quickly...almost as if she were waiting on the other side!

Bridey gulps. "Hey Roxy, Mom wanted to know if you want to come to our Halloween Party tonight. It should be a blast."

Roxy smiles, "Sure! You guys throw killer parties! I'll be there! Oh! Hey can my brother and sisters come too?"

Shandra says "of course!" knowing her Mom meant everyone at the Manson's house.

"Super!" says Roxy. "We'll get on our costumes."

"Did we have to invite them ALL?!" moans Maggie as they walk away.

Shandra nods her head. "Of course we had to, but I know what you mean!" she says as she shudders.

"Lily NEVER comes out to play, no wonder she's so pale!"says Bridey.

"And Lucky thinks he is funny, but he is just weird!" continues Maggie.

Shandra grimaces. "Posey's the weirdest! She's always hanging around just sulking. She never laughs."

Bridey interrupts. "We better be nice to them!
I bet they don't have many friends."

The girls nod and walk home.

More fun coming soon!

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