Minxworks Dolly Adventures!
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I love to stage dioramas and photo-stories with my dolls and miniatures, and so my little friends are never bored as there is always an adventure going on at my home. From survivor games, to holiday pageants and dances, parties and summer camps, fashion shows and slumber parties, the fun never stops. Friends send me their dollies from all over the world and I try to give them an adventure, sending them home with souvenirs and photos of their time here. I often run behind schedule because the ideas keep flowing and the kids have a mind of their own when the toys come out.

Chicago Li'l American Idol contestants
My Kelly Doll Summer Kamps
The 12 Days of XMAS gift swap! XMAS 2002
ON HOLD!!!!Wee-Me Theatrical Productions in Miniature
See my Spring Fashion show
Visit the Spengler Snow Ball Winter Pageant
Pajama Party Fun
Halloween Party 2001
Becoming Bridget
Explore Lil Sur 2001: Kosrae

Lucia Spengler & visitors on the Kelly4ever Fashion Tour
Spengler Li'l Travelers on Tour 2002/2003
My KellyKlub World Tour Pages 2001
My KellyKlub World Tour Pages 2002

Here are just a few snapshots from different events I've done over the past couple years.

My KellyKlub World Tour Pages 2001
My KellyKlub World Tour Pages 2002

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While Mattel dolls are sometimes used for my creations, this artist is in no way associated with Mattel.