Boingo Band Camp:

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Band Camp is over. I hope you have enjoyed your visit!

All photos and Band Camp webpages have now been uploaded. Enjoy the fun.

See the boys' arrivals part one
See the boys' arrivals part two
The boys settle in
freetime for the boys before lights-out
Sleepyboboes for the boys!
The girls' check in: part one
The girls' check in: part two
Watch the girls get organized
Nitey nite, the girls sleep tight!

See the first class of band camp, Rhythm Class One
Rhythm Class Two
See the Afternoon Individual Practice
Ring-aDingDing! It's Handbell Practice in the morning
See Handbell Practice continued...

A game of Musical Chairs
Musical Chairs Continued
A game of Hot Potato
Hot Potato Continued
Final Performance!
PAGE 1: featuring "Stomp" and "La Flute de Pan"
PAGE 2: featuring "Titwillow", "Two Trumpets" and "Prelude"
PAGE 3: featuring "Wipeout" and "Baby Bumblebee"
PAGE 4: the Grand Finale!

Band Camp Roll Call:

Band Camp Parents:
  • Margie
  • Nicole(2)
  • Carol(2)
  • Erika(3)
  • Anika(2)
  • Bonnie
  • Darlene
  • Kathy P.
  • Tricia
  • Alice
  • Karin
  • Betsy
  • Pam(2)
  • Colleen

  • Kevin R.-Saxophone
  • Kusafiri-Trumpet
  • Arianna-Flute
  • Butch-Harp
  • Mimi-Clarinet
  • Lulu-Clarinet
  • Nelson-Bongo Drum
  • Lenis-Flute
  • Kelly-Guitar
  • Maggie-Tuba
  • Paul-Trumpet
  • Jennifer-Cello
  • Kevin K.-Mandolin
  • Brian-Drums
  • Lila Jean-Saxophone
  • Seth-Drums
  • Heidi-Flute
  • Seamus-Trumpet
  • Andy-Trombone
  • Drew-French Horn

Our Orchestra:

French Horn:1
Tuba: 1

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