Boingo Summer Camp:

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Boingo Summer Crafter's Camp!

Craft Camp is over. I hope you have enjoyed your visit!

All photos and Craft Camp webpages have now been uploaded. Enjoy the fun!

See the boys' orientation part one
See the boys' orientation part two
The girls' orientation: cabin one
The girls' orientation cabin two
the girls in cabin two get settled
Fiesta Grande! suppertime
Fiesta Grande continued...
Painting Project!Yay!
Coloring Fun during freetime

Check out the children Painting Birdhouses
A little Sand Art Fun makes the time fly by
The kids make their green thumbs blue Painting flowerpots
Fun with string art!

Summer Camp Roll Call:
20 girls
10 boys

Summer Camp Parents:
  • Kimberlee
  • Kelly S.(2)
  • Anika(2)
  • Kathy P.(2)
  • Rhonda
  • Bonnie(2)
  • Alice
  • Carol(2)
  • Tricia
  • Pam L.(2)
  • Nicole(2)
  • Karin
  • Colleen(3)
  • Margie
  • Erika(3)
  • Betsy(2)
  • Darlene
  • Angie D.

  • Kevin from SC
  • Emma from FL
  • Kusafiri from FL
  • Arianna from OH
  • Mimi from MA
  • Lulu from MA
  • Nelson from MA
  • Kelly from OR
  • Lenis from FL
  • Samson from Jamaica
  • Sheena from Ontario
  • Regan from Ontario
  • Heather from NH
  • Flora from NH
  • Maria from OR
  • Paul from IL
  • Jennifer from IL
  • Brian from NY
  • Lila Jean from NY
  • Seth from NY
  • Heidi from NY
  • Andy from MA
  • Drew from MA
  • Adelaide from MI
  • Austin from OR
  • Amanda from OR
  • Maggie from IL
  • Bridey from IL
  • Chase from IL
  • Butch from VT

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Visit my Minxworks Custom Creations

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