Summer Fun at Camp Boingo!

Updated 12-05-02

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Located in scenic northwest Chicago, Camp Boingo is equipped with comfortable cabins, a small lake for swimming, boating, and other leisure activities including horseriding, archery, astronomy and naturewalks. Camp Boingo is the perfect summer camp for those little travelers 4 1/2 inches or less. (yes inches! sorry real-life kids, this isn't the summer camp for you).

Boingo Band Camp has ended!
All band camp photos and webpages have now been uploaded, including the big performance. All the wee musicians have been sent home.
See the Boingo Band Camp Page!

Boingo Summer Craft Camp has ended!
All Craft Camp photos and webpages have now been uploaded. The kids and all their fun projects have all left for their homes and hopefully everyone had a fun time!
See the Boingo Summer Camp Page!

Boingo Cheerleading Camp has ended!
The group photo of each squad has been posted and the LOST camp photos have been found! They are at the website now under
Cheerleading Camp: The Lost Episodes

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