Kellygirl Spring Fashion Show
Spring Fashions modeled by the Kellygirls

Glamour Delights for Elegant Nights!

Featuring crocheted designs by Angie D., Melinda A., Tina B's mom, and Tammy M.

Hip hugging sassy sets by Tammy really get these gals kicking!

Karla sings the blues in her moody ensemble with a bikini top in shaded tones and faboo dark blue hiphuggers with matching flowery headband.
Kimmy just dazzles in a pale green tank top and hiphuggers. Lemon yellow daisies accent her waist and the matching headband while a crystal beaded bracelet catches the eye!
Buttercup is ready to relax in her kicky lemon yellow ensemble. The mellow yellow hiphuggers, headband and tank top are accented with white daisies and a flashy beaded bracelet.

is the word
of the day
with these
by Tammy.

Miriam is a vision in off-white ruffles in this charming evening dress. A silk rose accents the bodice while a pearl necklace and bracelet add the perfect touch.

Daphne is a dark beauty in this classic black frock. White roses highlight the bodice and her choker necklace while pearl buttons on her slippers give her that final touch of style.

Cassidy is ready to dance the night away in this periwinkle blue ensemble. A blue rose accent and matching headband give her the timeless look of charm.
Cora is peachy keen in this melon colored ensemble of frilly lacey scallops and a matching rose at the bodice and on her headband. She wears it off the shoulder for that extra elegant look.
Precious just shines in her lavender gown with dark purple roses and ribbons. Her lavender slippers sport pearl buttons that match her pearly smile!

Fayzah celebrates Spring in a ruffled ensemble of white and rosy pink. A simple bodice joins with a wide ruffled skirt and a jaunty brimmed hat to give a simple yet feminine look. Ensemble by Melinda.

J.C. is sporty and sweet in this two piece set. A simple sundress with pleated folds gets an upgrade with a flowered short jacket, all in shades of soft beige. Love this simple number given to me by Tina and made by her mom.

Simplicity equals style in these short sassy dresses made by Angie D.

Ebony and Ivory both prove white is never out of season in their stylish dresses of white knit. Spaghetti straps sport shiny star beads, gold for Ebony and silver for Ivory. For daytime or evening these short sweet numbers really fit the bill.
Gabrielle dares to bare!
her midriff that is, in this chic bold version of Angie's short sassy frock. Butterfly beads on the shoulder straps and bodice accent the soft rosy shades.

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