World Kids

These are the World Kids manufactured by DDI and sold at K-B toy Liquidators stores. They cost around $1.50 each and are prefect for the Kelly dolls. A few of the ones pictures have been redressed onto Kelly dolls. Quite a few of the costumes match the Barbie Dolls of the World series costumes almost exactly.

Their bodies are very similar to Kelly doll bodies, but have more anime based facial features.

There are 24 countries:
  • 1.China
  • 2.Japan
  • 3.Korea
  • 4.India
  • 5.Arabia
  • 6.Indiana
  • 7.Hawaii
  • 8.Canada
  • 9.Chile
  • 10.Argentina
  • 11.Australia
  • 12.Spain
  • 13.Holland
  • 14.France
  • 15.England
  • 16.Italy
  • 17.Russia
  • 18.Denmark
  • 19.Norway
  • 20.Portugal
  • 21.Germany
  • 22.Austria
  • 23.Arctic
  • 24.Kenya

The author of this page is in no way connected or affiliated with the manufacturers of either dolls, but is merely a fan showing off her collection.