In memory of Merlin, our behemoth bunny,
the large lepus,
the halacious hare,
king of the kage, raw raucous rabbit,
The Thultan of Thump!

Allow me to introduce you to Merlin, the giant fluffy beast that lived in my home and in my heart for 7 1/2 years. He is gone from our house now, but will always be in my heart.

Merlin grew to be somewhere between 17 and 20 lbs. He was a male Flemish Giant rabbit, not too bright but full of love and mischief. He made it to the age of 7 1/2 yrs old before he crossed over the rainbow bridge. His ears measured 7" from the base of his head. That is only 2" smaller than his size as a baby bun when we first received him. His original ear to body proportion was almost 1 to 1, ie; his ears were as long as his tiny lil body. His ears came to a point like a wizard's hat, so he became Merlin. We don't have any children, but he felt like our kid, friendly and loving, pouting and stomping around when he was thwarted about something, and even making faces at us when he was displeased. I am amazed sometimes at the amount of attitude and emotions one can recognize from a bunny's face.

These pix are of Merlin when we first got him. At adult size he measured 28" with his legs tucked under him, and approximately 42" with his legs all sprawled out in front and behind him. He had deep brown eyes and sandy brown to dark brown fur. His original color was a reddish auburn, almost russet, but with the first winter came his winter colors and they stayed ever since, except for a small patch behind his head that went back to the russet color in the summer. He shedded CONSTANTLY but we love him anyway.

His favorite foods were bananas, carrots (of course) lettuce, and he devoured broccoli. He also adored cheerios and popcorn. To maintain his diet we sometimes had to limit his pellet intake, to which he responded by square dancing in his cage til 3am. He normally got 2 cups of Manna Pro's Family Ration Formula Rabbit food. He also got a large handful of timothy hay 3 times a week.

Merlin would dance for longstem carrots, but he wouldn't hop too much after he just got too big. He had a disconcerting fondness for chewing cords and cables, and it wouldn't be Christmas without him sneaking under the Christmas Tree and chomping a few light strands. Ah yes, the smell of ozone, the thud of the tree raising off the floor 4-6 inches, and the shadowy blur of a zapped bun running for cover, at least for a few minutes til he does it again.

Five years ago we gave my nephew Patrick got his first rabbit. We went to the same person we got Merlin from, Uschi Niederhauser. Although she doesn't breed rabbits herself anymore, I still consider her to be an expert and my best source of bunny materials, information and bunnies themselves. She helped to choose a bun for Patrick.

Patrick got a lovely black and white Mini Rex that due to inexplicable sniffles and snurfle noises (totally healthy, we had him checked and checked) has been named Squeaks. Squeaks is a hair short of 4 lbs, and quite energetic. He seems to love Patrick and my husband and myself, and since Pat is going off to college in Fall 2002, we are taking Squeaks back into our home this July (2002). We haven't had any pets since we lost Merlin, so it will be a readjustment, but a welcome one for me.

We boarded Squeaks for his first summer with my nephew and have sweet dear memories of Squeaks and Merlin playing together. Squeaks would get along great with Merlin, though it was hilarious to watch tiny lil Squeaks crawling over and climbing on huge sprawling beastie Merlin to play. Merlin would just look amused, like a tolerant uncle. Pictures soon I hope, of Squeaks and myself, but for now, settle for just this one of me and Squeaks, taken with our quickcam on the day we brought him home the first time.

Squeaks is going to be hard to give back if my nephew chooses such. I think my husband has found the joy of having a lap bunny too sweet to be denied. We have lived very near to my nephew for the last 5 years and would often visit with Pat and we'd let Squeaks climb all over us. Having a small bun has reminded my husband how cuddly and lovable they are and I am glad. With Merlin too big to pull into one's lap, well, I think Chazz had forgotten how much fun they really are. Squeaks can sit in his lap while we watch TV. Chazz still misses Merlin, but perhaps less so with Squeaks coming into our life.

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