Being the UNOFFICIAL Fan Pages of those great toys, buildingbricks. My favorite type is of course Lego bricks, followedclosely by TYCO (now no longer in production) and lastly, ugh,RITVIK, which are suitable only when you really need thosepastels, or desire some of their specialty pieces for theme sets.Now try to guess which LEGO babe is not like the others....
feminist LEGO wenches
LEGO® and MEGABLOKS® are trademarks of the LEGO Group of companies and RITVIK respectively, neither of whichsponsors, authorizes or endorses this site in any way. Idon't speak for them, they don't speak for me. Follow their logosfor links to their official pages.
The Wonders of LEGO
LEGO set listings and reviews
The Wonders of TYCO TYCO set listings and reviews------------------------------------RITVIK set listings and reviewsthe Wonders of RITVIK

Pix of my own creations including my Bunnyland Theme Park
Links to other Lego FanPages
Fun games to play with Lego bricks
The women of my LEGO Universe
Short story by Minx Kelly of how forest wenches are made
Summary of old Forest sets by Lego
Summary of the first ever Legofest in Chicago, August, 1995
My current Roll Call entry and Lego Geek Code
You know you're addicted to LEGO when...(humor)
My bunny's addicted to LEGO too

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