Meet Squeaks,
Our delightful 5 yr old Mini Rex

who allows himself to be groomed by one

Squeaks is a delightful mini rex, in perfect black broken markings. He is about 5 and half years old and weighs in at 5 lbs. We got him for my nephew some years ago and as Pat goes off to college this fall (2002), Squeaks came back here to live with us. We had boarded him for a few months before giving him to Patrick so Pat could get used to the responsibilities, so Squeaks is no stranger to me or my husband. In fact my husband had only distanced himself from Squeaks over the last few years as he was mourning the loss of Merlin and just didn't have the heart to cuddle another bunny, but with time comes healing and so Chazz happily welcomed this rude little fella back into our humble abode. At the time we bought Squeaks we had a flemish giant rabbit named Merlin who got along famously with Squeaks for the duration of his visit. Merlin was my baby and is dearly missed. You can see his pictures and his own page by following the links at the bottom of this page. The funniest sight in the universe was watching a then tiny baby Squeaks trying to mount huge Uncle Merlin who weighed in over 20 lbs and measured some 42 inches long (paws extended). Squeaks is used to getting his way and dominating poor Merlin was just his way. Heheheee luckily for Merlin Squeaks never did find success and was neutered not too long afterward.

He has only been here a few weeks now and had a minor injury last week but is healing very well and is on antibiotics to help overcome the snuffles. His favorite foods are Romaine lettuce and timothy hay and he can demolish a pound of long-stemmed carrots in seconds flat. He was given to rude insoucient attitudes until recently but I think the trauma of his recent injury and his mandatory nursing and handfeeding by me has made him bond quite closely as he trusts me implicitly now and is positively passive once I get him in my arms. His helplessness is a new experience for me and an unexpected one from such an independent bunny. I am home all day tho so he won't be lonely or find himself ignored so this personality change shouldn't be a problem. I confess that I hope some of his attitude returns as he recuperates though. His superior airs are part of his charm.

Squeaks poses for the camera, what a star!
Lookit them red eyes!

Could Squeaks be one of those rumored devilbunnies?

Naaaaw! he's just temperamental...

Wanna see my pufferfish impersonation?
well, okay, how about a jellyfish bun? fur puddle?
I am going to hold my breath until you let me back in my cage!

oooooh! someone put goodies in my cage!

Y'all come back now!

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