Minxworks!...(but only when she has to...)

Minx's Ceramic Creations

Here are photos of the various projects I have painted at a local ceramics studio.
(see below for the link, it's a FABULOUS place to work!).

Sorry, none of these pieces are for sale, but feel free to email minxkely@xnet.com if you are interested in a custom piece for yourself!

My Faerie Creations!

Click here or on the fairies
to see my Fairy Dishes, boxes, and figures

My Fantasy & Rennaissance Creations!

Click here or on the
mermaid to see my Fantasy
and Rennaissance Pieces

My Pagan Creations!

Click here or on the photos
to see my pagan and spiritual works

My Bunny Creations!

Click here or on the bunnies
to see my runny babbitt figures

My Celtic and Tribal Blackwork Creations!

Click here or on the
ashtray to see my Celtic
and Tribal Blackwork Pieces

Blue Rose Platter
July 1998

This is a large platter done in shades of blue in an art nouveau style. My mother's china has a blue rose pattern and so this was a delightful complement to her table at the Christmas dinner. It took me approximately 6 hours of work to produce.

The Eye of Siouxsie
Made by my husband Chazz
July 1998
Just to prove women are not the only creative ones, here is an example of the art my husband made during one of our visits to the studio.
He enjoys painting but finds it harder to make the time for it since he works full time. It is always a pleasure when we can paint together. This piece took approximately 7 hours to produce.

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