Minx's Ceramic Creations: Celtic and Tribal Pieces!

Here are photos of the various Celtic and Tribal blackwork projects I have painted at a local ceramics studio.
(see below for the link, it's a FABULOUS place to work!).

Sorry, none of these pieces are for sale, but feel free to email minxkely@xnet.com if you are interested in a custom piece for yourself!

My Tribal Style

I have several distinct styles of drawing/painting, but one
of the earliest I developed was a stream of consciousness sort
of tribal blackwork. I tend to use black ink and fill up every
square inch of the page/project with elaborate details, florals,
spirals, spikes and subpatterns worked into the whole theme.
My husband calls it the doily pattern, but I only know I have
always doodled like this and always add spiral after spiral, in
a surreal tribal tattoo of ink.

I find this translates very well to ceramics and especially to
underglaze painting. I can translate my ideas and freeflowing
patterns without hesitation.

Mama's Good Gravy
November 1998
This was a lovely gravy boat in deep salmon colors
with tiny flowers and black scrollwork interspersed
with detailed swirls and coils. It took approximately
12 hours to make and was a Christmas gift for my mom.

Celtic Ashtray
December 1998
This was a simple large ashtray that I covered with
celtic braiding as a Christmas gift for my father.
After visiting months later and finding it still in
a pristine state I was informed it was too pretty to
use for ashes so I forced the issue with by emptying
a different ashtray into it. Dad was not amused.
It took approximately 4 hours to produce.

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