12 Days of Christmas
Kellyluv Swap
My goodies from Angie D.

Day one and two:

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The gang's all here as the kids anxiously await the postman bringing me my 12 days of Xmas swap. I promised I'd let them help me open the packages. Even the two visitors are eager. Liz from the Happy holiday Tour and Meg from the World Tour are wearing their pretty new blue holiday dresses and just sitting on Dad's favorite comfy chair talking about what they want for Christmas.
Meg hears a noise! "What's that?"
"It's the mailman!" yells Ginger. "Grab him!" screams Kayley. The poor mailman yelps, drops the box and runs! These gift-greedy kids in December are scarier than a Doberman!

The children tear into the box and jump in, tumbling all over the wonderful little prezzies!

"Here's #1!" yells Valentine. "Let's wiggle underneath it and help lift it out." "It's so heavy!" moans Liana.

Why can't we just open them all up tonight?" asks visitor Liz.
"Cuz Mom would sock us!" says Ginger.
I chuckle and let them open up the #1 gift.

It's a beautiful red sleigh style bed! Lined with a pouffy red velveteen mattress and warmed with not one but two afghans! It is simply lovely. The kids take turns trying it out for softness.
"I love it Mom!" screams Valentine. "Thank you Aunt Angie!" yells Becca.
Even Liz loves the afghan. "It's so soft!" she says.

"Hey move over!"
"C'mon! Quit it! share the blanket!"

Becca and Valentine have a brief power struggle for possession of the bed! I remind them Santa's watching and things simmer down before U.N. forces need to intervene.

Finally Ginger gets a turn in the bed as she opens up Day #2's gift. Inside is an adorable little doll. "Oh Mommy purple hair! I LOVE purple hair!" squeals Ginger. She agrees that one of her sisters can have the dainty nightgown if she gets the fuzzy slippers and purple panties! Valentine considers it a done deal!

(thanks Angie! I love them!)

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**SPECIAL THANKS** to Angie D. for this fun swap!