Here are the Windy City contestants, Page 1
trying to make it into the semifinals and win the ideal IDOL honors!

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From LEFT to RIGHT are:
Kori Manning,
Moonbeam Willowchild,
Vonda Vandelay,
Judas Castle
Killashandra Spengler
Marilee Moore
Raine Andrews
Wanda Mae Middleton
Jenna Chase
Dallas Bell
and Trixie Newsome

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Here are the first 4 contestants...
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Meet Kori Manning!
Kori grew up as an army brat so she lived many places before settling in the far Northern suburbs of the Chicagoland area. She is a professional cockatiel breeder and sings often with her birds and has always dreamt of taking her music to the world.

She is going to sing for us tonight "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith.

Meet Moonbeam Willowchild!
Moonbeam has lived all her life in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago in a very large family. She had a chance a year ago to experience true spiritual growth while playing in the gameshow "Lil Survivor: Kosrae"

With lots of time on her hands to think about her future, Moonbeam has decided to try a career in music to complement her already successful career as an artist. Tonight she is singing for us "Gimme All Your Lovin'" by Z.Z. Top.

Meet Vonda Vandelay!
Vonda is from Southern Illinois but frequently stays near Chicago to visit relatives. She prides herself on her abilities to please people with her talents and quite often sings at her family's weddings for them. She'd like to explore the possiblity of a professional musical career to truly make use of her good looks and skill.

She is going to sing "Loveshack" by the B-52s.

Meet Judas Castle!
Judas was born and raised on the North side of Chicago and enjoys history, mythology and anything gothic.

Judas has sung with his band the Northhawks for 4 years and tonight he is going to sing "Just the Night in my Veins" by the Pretenders...

PLEASE take note, these dolls were not all created by me. They are merely the ones with personalities that cried out to try out for the IDOL competition. Some have been created by Karin, Christy Foutch, Marsha, and many of the fashions are by others as well, such as Chris Foutchie, Angie D., Shelly Norrick and Beth aka Sewdolledup. These wannabe stars merely chose from the best designers available in my costuming department to look their best for their performance.

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