Kelly4Ever Fashion Tour 2003
Group 1
Lucia Spengler

Group 1: Mommies(Bonnie, Carol, Colleen, Nicole, Laura, Karen)
kids(in same order)(Miranda,Melissa,Lucia,Myla,Tawny,Leilani)

Lucia's dad is in the military and so she lives mostly with her Aunt Robin and Uncle Rick whenever Daddy has to travel. It worked out perfectly for her to travel on the Fashion Tour this year when Daddy got the word he was shipping out. He makes her pack up her favorite toy, clean her room, make the bed so perfectly he can bounce a quarter off the sheets (if it bounces Lucia gets to keep the quarter!) and prepare the best guest bedroom for the visitor who'll be staying in her room at Auntie Robin's house while Lucia makes the rounds.
Lucia Spengler joins the Kelly4Ever Fashion Tour and heads off to visit Nicole first. Meanwhile Carol's gal Melissa arrives at my home and is welcome by Nettie and my gang.

click here
to see Nettie welcome Melissa

February 2003
Melissa and the gals
Visit the Art Institute

March and April, Bonnie's girl Miranda comes to visit

April 2003
Nettie & Miranda visit the Garfield Park Conservatory

April 2003
Miranda gets a new outfit
and a present from Nettie
before she leaves for New York.

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