Portrait of a Minx

Hi, this is my netdiary, well, a glimpse of who I am at least, or I think I am. I am a mother, wife, artist, author, poet, legomaniac, and doll artist, not necessarily in that order. I don't know if I can cover all the things that are important to me, but I'll try.

I was born Colleen Kelly in May 1960's in Da Region, that economically depressed area where Illinois flatlanders meet and greet Da Hoosiers from Hammond Indiana. Grew up there, had some tough times as a kid, typical 70's dysfunctional family, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, mom, dad, the typical pets, cats, dogs, several hamsters that couldn't seem to live longer than a few months. I loved em all, tho, even those ephemeral hamsters. I remember writing and drawing very young, doing creative, but decidedly odd things with my barbies, with cute cuddly stuff and making it my own. I remember sleeping in the closet and loving tight dark spaces. they made me feel safe. I remember my family as this weird mulligan stew of strong independent and overpowering personalities. Too many einsteins in the family in my opinion. Call it arrogance, but it is true. In the general populace occasionally there are those special people, so alive with wit and creative fire, so eager to be the best, to conquer the world as it were, well, that sums up every one of my siblings. If you had a family of napoleons there were bound to be some waterloos.
Minxie's Second Childhood Pages And yet I was never comfortable with kids my own age. I loved youngsters, was doing child care from my teens up. I wonder now if I didn't relate to them better than kids my own age simply because it was okay to be childlike with them, to just PLAY. Grownups don't get to just play very much. I make it part of my daily routine to get down and dusty with toys of one sort or another, from legos to barbies to playdo. Check out my inner child pages.

Her Minxishness

i am the minx. i have had many other nicknames, but that is the one that stuck with me. some of my friends know me from science fiction conventions or renfairs, some from yahoo groups for moms, doll collectors, legomaniacs or other fun fans. i am a typical taurean earthmother type, a domestic goddess if you will. i am an artist, poet, jeweler, and general layabout. i celebrate love and life on a daily basis. My husband, son and i currently live in the west suburbs of Chicago in a 3 bedroom house full of art, alternative music, too many collectibles, and too many hobbies. The true definition of a minx is a playful wench, a hoyden. The connotations that come with my nickname however, are that of a vixen, a mink who like the animal, has soft fur and sharp claws. All of those are true.

i was always torn between fierce independence, and doing and being exactly what everyone wanted me to be. As I look back at my life now that I am 30, I think I have happily found a space somewhere between living only for yourself and living only for others. I'd like to think I live for myself first and for those I love second now.

I Corinthians 13:11 "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

Me, I cling to my childish things for they make me who I am, minxish and fun, unconditionally accepting of others, trusting in the nature of the universe to keep me safe and happy. (It's my inner adult that's the cynic).

Mr. Minx

I love that man o mine. Mr Minx likes to remain anonymous, hence the humpdy nose in the pictures. I met him in May 1989 at a science fiction convention and we spent about 6 months having a long distance relationship before we both admitted to being in love. I moved to Madison WI to be closer to him, then we moved in together around July 1990. We got handfasted in November of that year. We decided to make it legal April 3rd 1991 and did the courthouse thing.

There are many things that made me fall in love with my husband, many things that even now years with each other still make my heart race. He is a bearly man, fuzzy and thick-chested. His sense of humor is what really made me fall in love with him, that is his strength. In a circle of men admiring me, he was the first one I found that I could not manipulate or walk on. He is a weirdo, a hedonist, a sensationalist. We enjoy similar music, art and TV. We have the same interests (mostly). I can tell him anything, any thought or confession or vision, and even if he doesn't agree with me, he will accept me and love me. This unconditional acceptance of each other is our strongest asset. Our sense of humor keeps us from truly going nuts sometimes, as even the harshest argument can dissipate when we keep things civilized or temper our anger with jokes. Comic relief has diminished the worst of my anger at times.

He is a Dilbert, a total tekkie, and that can be quite irksome. there are times he buys something for the computer when I REALLLLY needed shoes more, but then again I can't change him. He can be utterly charming or utterly clueless depending on his mood, and the thought of even a night away from him is dreadful. There is a time in a relationship when you realize that no matter what happens, no matter what is wrong with the world, you can slip into a place, in your partner's arms, and all is right again, that those arms, that shoulder, those lips or eyes, these are the safest places in the universe. THAT'S who my husband is.

Birds I have loved...

There have been many pets I loved in my life, that loved me and enjoyed my love. One of the most special was Geordi, our cockatiel who died a few years ago, but gave me companionship and good cheer when I needed it most. We had walked into a pet shop to pick out a kitten, because I was lonely at home all day. We never made it to the kittens, because as I was walking away a man and his daughter had been petting a cockatiel, pondering whether to purchase him or not. Geordie made the decision for them of course, by flying from the pet shop worker straight to my shoulder where he began to chirp and tug on my earrings. It tickled and made me giggle, and the pet shop worker just smiled, knowing the bird chose us and not the other way around. Well, bird stuff is expensive, smile, and the 50$ I brought for my new kitten had to be augmented by some friendly plastic. we visa'ed the huge cage and tons of toys. It took a day or two to name him, after Geordi LaForge from star trek. Other birds that followed had fan names as well, we had a pair of tiels later named DeLin and Sinclair from Babylon 5, but they fought all the time so we gave them away to separate homes. Geordi was always my favorite though. He was almost never in his cage when I was awake, but would netsurf with me, sitting on my shoulder, playing with my earrings. Most people don't think of birds as being pettable or affectionate, and some aren't, like the piranhakeets I bought after Geordi died, they were bloodthirsty and mean, but Geordi was as sweet and cuddly as can be imagined. He spoke several phrases, including many cusswords, and comments like "Riker sucks." He would mimic my husband and myself when we would argue or when we would make passionate noises. Often hearing Geordie cuss was enough to make us laugh and break up the argument. He did a perfect impression of our phone and many were the times I had to run to answer the bird. He died without much warning, I woke up one day and he was down on the floor of the cage. As my husband called around to find a bird vet open that early I held him as he moved less and less then not at all. I miss him often. We tried to adopt other cockatiels, but haven't found any as even-tempered or affectionate as Geordi was.

What's REALLY wrong with the Minx...

Well, this is not a fun part of my netdiary to write, but a necessary one, to explain why I sometimes go weeks between answering emails or making it on IRC. It started about 2 winters back when I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous endometrial cancer. That was taken care of with hormone therapy, but left me more overweight than ever, and kept me in bed and doped a lot. Then came the infertility treatments and a diagnosis of Meniere's disease to explain my migraines, hearing problems and bad vertigo. We had everything under control for a long time there. In fact the last 6 months were the best I had felt in years, but around thanksgiving (Nov 1996) my dizziness and vertigo greatly worsened. My wobbles became dangerous falls(once against a huge mirror, once on top of my knitting machine, lovely scars from that). So I am consulting with another neurologist to see what can be done, but my netfriends, I care about, well, they need to know that there are whole weeks that go by with me in bed with blinding migraines and hyperacusis. At some point I may put together a Meniere's support page just to help others with my problem. Until then, I highly recommend Dr Richard Wiet in Chicago for the treatment of Meniere's.

As for our infertility, it was been difficult to deal with. I got very angry and frustrated to read of children being abused and discarded, when there are couples like us just dying for a child to love.

After 15 years finally we were blessed with our son, an amazing cupid straight off a GERBER jar. We call him Tripp for Triple miracle and he is my angel and my gigglebug. It was a hard pregnancy with 3/4 of the time spent on bedrest, many scares, several hospitalizations and a life or death surgery at 8 months. would I do it again? you betcha. The way he laughs, the way he hugs, the lumpy baby feeling when he is so sleepy and still fighting to get one more tickle from me or Daddy, that makes every pain worthwhile.

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