The First Annual
Spengler Winter Pageant!

First Act
"My Favorite Things"
Performed by the Radford Fab Four

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As the pageant begins, 4 boys stand in the center of the stage, and without any warning Ryan George puts his lips to his sax and just wails out a long clear note, then segues it right into the start of the song as Tommy Paul's trombone joins in and Tommy John kicks in with his guitar.

A jazzy soulful rendition of the song follows, sung crooningly by the dreamboat Ryan-Ringo. His blue eyes glitter as he snaps his fingers and the pace picks up for the stanza "when the dog bites, when the bee stings... when I'm feeling saaaaaaaaad....." The boys perform flawlessly and there is a long interlude of instrumentals only before Ryan George finishes with a snazzy ending and the boys slide into place for their next number...

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Visit my Minxworks Custom Creations

While fashion dolls were used for this story creation, the author and artist is in no way associated with any dolls' manufacturers.

**SPECIAL THANKS** to Beth( and Angie D. for their creative costume efforts, and to Margie, April, Chris, Cindy and Erika for wonderful prize donations!!!

Thanks to all the wonderful "moms" for their patience and understanding as this project took longer to finish than expected.