The First Annual
Spengler Snow Ball
and Winter Pageant!
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It's time for winter fun!

brought to you by Minxworks...
(but only when she has to)

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After weeks of waiting for enough snow to have the Snow Ball Winter Pageant we finally got the barest few inches and the first Spengler Snow Ball was finally underway!

The main houseguests were Kelly Parton from the KellyKlub World Tour, and Cookie Gill, visiting the 3 Kelly girls since the Halloween party. Here the 5 girls play in the snow for the first time all winter! From left to right, they are Moonbeam in pink animal print(wearing no coat just like her Mom!), Cassie in the blue and yellow coat, Kelly Parton in her new silver fur trimmed jacket, Shandra in a hot pink coat, and Cookie Gill in her skating dress with fur collar.

I will edit and upload the photos and stories as fast as I can so check back often for new stuff.

Mommie Minx works the boombox as Cookie Gill, Kelly Parton, Moonbeam, Shandra and Cassie practice their steps for the song they will be doing together.

With a little singing and some line dancing the girls hope to stumble their way through the song "Jingle Bell Rock."

"Stumble" is the key word here however as one wobbly dancer manages to bring them all tumbling down in a pile of giggling girls.

Mommy says it is time for a break with some holiday cookies and sodypop and they can snack and rest until all the other kids arrive. The girls can hardly wait for the visiting kids to arrive and perform with them. There is even a rumor that the Lil Survivors will be having some kind of a reunion performance! Moonbeam hasn't seen any of them since her adventure on the island of Kosrae.

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**SPECIAL THANKS** to Beth( and Angie D. for their creative costume efforts, and to Margie, April, Chris, Cindy and Erika for wonderful prize donations!!!

Thanks to all the wonderful "moms" for their patience and understanding as this project took longer to finish than expected.