Lil Survivor 2001
Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia

Welcome to Lil Survivors!

Here were 16 players, pitted tribe against tribe until only 8 remain,
and then pitted against each other in the ultimate test of wills, wit and whimsy!

Outtype, Outplay, Outlast! There can be only ONE Survivor

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Tribal Biographies

Nicarong Tribe
Ocono Tribe
FINAL Kansi Tribe
Nicarong Camp Photos
Ocono Camp Photos
First glance of Kansi Camp

***GAME OVER! All final updates have been added***
The location is the island of Kosrae in the Federated States of Micronesia. The two tribes were Nicarong and Ocono, and now they have merged into the final tribe of Kansi, the Kosraean word for "chief". Only 7 original players went into Tribe Kansi, plus the addition of one replacement player to take the place of Lyda Ruth. I will post summaries of each week, as well as the results of each week's reward challenge and each week's immunity challenge.

All the remaining 8 players stayed on the island til the finish! As each player was voted off they entered the jury that made the final decision as to who was to be the one and only Lil Survivor!

As I filter through the months of gameplay, I will post behind the scenes info and whispers.

The very beginning!

View the forming of the 2 tribes

See the first glimpses of tribal camps

View the Tribal Summit Meeting of the two tribal delegates!

The ENDGAME with the final 4 players! (final players and winner revealed!)

See the Secret Identities of the Players Revealed!

Check out some of the cool prizes won by the players!

The Lil Survivors and Gia attend Prom night in Detroit at the big Barbie Convention!

Read the final thoughts from the players as the game comes to a close.

Read all the Weekly Tribal Chat Transcripts
Read the Juryroom Chat Transcript
Read the Whispers and Secrets
Read the Tribal Council Votes and Comments

Week #1
See the First Reward Challenge!
Where in the world are the Lil Survivors?
See the First Immunity Challenge!
Fishing Contest! See the First Tribal Council
See the Second Reward Challenge!
Fruit to Fish magic
See the Second Immunity Challenge!
Island Quiz!
See the Second Tribal Council
Week #2
Week #3
See the Third Reward Challenge!
Fun with Barbie Family and Friends!
See the Third Immunity Challenge!
Barbie Quiz
See the Third Tribal Council!
See the Fourth Reward Challenge!
Fruit Hunt
See the Fourth Immunity Challenge!
Rats & Lizards & Bats, Oh My!
See the Fourth Tribal Council!
Week #4
Week #5
See the Fifth Reward Challenge!
The GREAT Boat Race!
See the Fifth Immunity Challenge!
Fruity Fun
See the Fifth Tribal Council!
See the Sixth Reward Challenge!
The Luau Reward!
See the Sixth Immunity Challenge!
Waterballoon fight!
See the Sixth Tribal Council!
Week #6
Week #7
See the Seventh Reward Challenge!
The Big Barbecue
See the Seventh Immunity Challenge!
The Butterfly Hunt!
See the Seventh Tribal Council!
See the Eighth Reward Challenge!
Scavenger Hunt & Ice Cream Social
See the Eighth Immunity Challenge!
War of the Roses!
See the Eighth Tribal Council
Week #8
Week #9
See the Ninth Reward Challenge!
The Obstacle Course for a Happy Meal!

See the Ninth Immunity Challenge!
Race to Kansi Kamp!
See the Ninth Tribal Council
See the Tenth Reward Challenge!
Swim for the Shells!
See the Scuba Fun Reward
See the Tenth Immunity Challenge!
Scattergories race
See the Tenth Tribal Council
Week #10
Week #11
See the Eleventh Reward Challenge!
Log jumping for Sailing Fun and Italian Feast
See the Italian Feast for 2
See the Sailing Fun Reward
See the Eleventh Immunity Challenge!
Archery Shoot
See the Eleventh Tribal Council
See the Twelfth Reward Challenge!
Beanbag Toss for a Footlong Treat

See the Twelfth Immunity Challenge!
Match the Minx Ring Toss

See the Twelfth Tribal Council
Week #12
Week #13
See the Thirteenth Reward Challenge!
Tug of War for the Hero Sandwich

See the Thirteenth Immunity Challenge!
Booniedogs, Rats and Lizards, OH MY!
See the Thirteenth Tribal Council
See the Fourteenth Reward Challenge!
Dishing the Dirt for the dirtbike
See the Breakfast Reward!
See the Fourteenth Immunity Challenge!
Oh what a Tangled Web we weave!
See the Fourteenth Tribal Council
Week #14
Final Tribal Council!
See the Final Tribal Council Photo page!
Read the the Final Tribal Council Chat!
Final Council!

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