Teen Time Paper Dolls were sets of 2 young female paper dolls, with 20-35 outfits of sportswear, ballgowns, collegiate wear, and casual wear from the 50's and 60's. Teen Time Dolls were made by Whitman Publishing out of Racine Wisconsin.

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Peggy & Ann
Set 2627:29
Peggy is a brunette, Ann is a blond, both with short wavy bobs.
There are approximately 20 outfits.

Joan & Jill
Set 4401:29
Jill is a brunette, Joan is a blond, both with bright hair in ponytails.
There are approximately 20 outfits.

Carol & Pat
Set 4401:29 published in 1959
Pat has black hair in a short feathered cut, Carol has lemon blond blond hair in a short ponytail.
There are approximately 20 outfits.

Kim & Kay
Set 4401:29 published in 1958
Kim has chestnut brown hair, Kay has bright blond hair both in a short wavy cut.
There are approximately 20 outfits.
See Kim & Kay's clothes

Merri & Ginny
Set 4401 published in 1960
Merri has auburn hair, Ginny is a dishwater blond, both with short cuts,
Ginny with a straight pageboy, Merri with slightly longer curly hair.
There are 32 costumes and accessories.

Sue & Cindy
Set 2627 published in 1960
Sue has black hair just down to her shoulders and Cindy has lemon blond hair in a very short bob.
There are 20-30 costumes and accessories.

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