Spengler Travelers 2002/2003
The Spengler Family
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2002/2003 travelers include:
Judd Spengler: KellyKlub World Tour 2002/2003:
Group 2:(Colleen, Bonnie, Angie D. & Denise)

Janelle Spengler: Kellyluv Happy Holiday Tour 2002/2003:
Group 1:(Aasha, Sandy, Colleen & Denise)

cousin Lucia joins the Kelly4Ever Fashion Tour 2003:
Group 1: (Bonnie, Carol, Karen, Laura, Colleen, & Nicole)

Rick Spengler and his wife Robin Redfeather Spengler have 3 children and share their home with many foster kids and lots of nieces and nephews constantly visiting them. Here they are with Judd, Janelle, and Nettie.

Judas Jacob Spengler aka Judd is getting to join the Kellyklub World Tour, and Janelle is going on the Kellyluv Happy Holiday Tour. Nettie (Miniette) got to travel last year so this time she is staying home to welcome all the visitors and constant stream of relatives and friends.

Judd and Janelle say goodbye!
Janelle's funny bunny dream the night before she left!

The first houseguests to visit were Samantha Joy, Bonnie's girl, and Yasmin, Aasha's li'l darling!

The happy Canadian gals got to see the giant 3com rings and went to work with Uncle Chazz to attend the health fair with us. We took them to the Rock and Roll Mcdonalds and they got to see and chase a lot of Canadian geese that have moved here and taken over our town.

Visit to 3Com and fun with geese

Our second set of visitors was Liz and Meg, sisters on two different tours who just lucked out and got to visit here at the same time! Their Mommy Denise and I found it very amusing, because it meant that Judd and Janelle got to see each other for this leg of the journey as well!

photos of Liz & Meg coming soon including Christmas with the Spenglers

In January cousin Lucia left to join the Kelly4Ever fashion tour and Melissa arrived to be my fashion guest! Sandy's darling Shae Lee and Angie's Becky Bendlegs also arrived to share in the fun as we all went to the Chicago Art Institute.

The girls got to see the famous Thorne Miniature rooms collection as well as lots of other artwork, even some cool sculptures you could touch and play on!

see their Visit to the Art Institute of Chicago

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