The Ashgabat Gazette

Special Bird Issue

Let me start this page by saying that I am not a bird watcher; but I watch birds. They are in every environment I exist in. They flutter past me all the time. I cannot ignore them. But, on the other hand, I do not tend to pay them much attention, except perhaps when they poop on my head.

That is, before I came here. This is a new place, a new country, a new people so it is only appropriate that they should have new birds. New to me, at least. Here is what I have seen to date.

What is NOT included below are the birds I have seen but not been able to photograph. There was a cute black, gray and white bird a little smaller than a sparrow and a bird bigger than a sparrow that kept nervously flicking its long tale up and down. But on to the few shots I have taken. WARNING: The pictures are dreadfully bad.

The bird to the left (which had a mate) has yellow-ringed eyes and a very yellow beak. It was identified as a common Indian myna bird. It has been in Ashgabat for about seven years but this is the first documented sighting.
There are a number of small dove-like birds here and this is a picture of one of them.
There are a fair number of hooded crows in the vicinity.
And the unanswered question of the day is to what bird does the above feather belong? I found it while hiking in the Kopet Dag mountains south of Ashgabat As you can see, it was a big bird.

My thanks to Tom Carrolan for all the accurate information on this page. All the inaccurate information is my own.

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