My Favorite OOAKS-Displayed by Artist

When I buy One-of-a-Kind Creations I look for high quality, attention to detail, and a certain something, a chic style that I know will draw my attention again and again as I enjoy my collection on a day to day basis. There are several artists that have caught my eye so often I indeed have 5 or more of their creations, sometimes as many as a dozen by a single artist. I felt they deserved their own pages here in my virtual doll gallery of my collection.

None of these are for sale or are my creations. They were all purchased or commissioned by me, or given as gifts or as swaps.
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Here are some of my wonderful ooaks collected over the last few years. I have listed the artist's name whenever known, and will add to these photos as often as possible. Feel free to email me for the artists email addresses or websites and I'll try to look them up. All rights belong to the artists involved.

OOAK Dolls
of the World,

by Karen Miller.

See exotic Bellydancers by Melina,
sultry dancers in a kaleidascope of colors and fabrics.

See my fave
Beauties by Ray,
chic sassy modern fashions by RS Creations.

See Medieval Masterpieces by AlisonBlayne,
elegant detailed historical costumes from rennaissance and medieval times.

Some of my
Nella Fashions,
elegant historical costumes.

See my Fantasy Creations by Goldengirl,
Debi's delightful faeries and genies.

My favorite
Handmaids by Sally,
delightful historic creations.

See my dolls from Georgee Girl

See my lovely
Ladies by Lonee,
elegant ballgowns purchased from Lonee on EBAY.

Something Different

by Debbie Hendrickson

With many more artists still to be added, I will update this page as often as I can.
See more ooak dolls! historical and fantasy costumes!

See more ooak dolls! modern and ethnic costumes!

See more ooak dolls! displayed by artist!

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While Mattel dolls were used for these creation, the artists are in no way associated with Mattel.