-Minxworks Custom Doll Creations--The Little Ones!

Welcome to my small but growing gallery of my creations. Each of my dolls is original and a one of a kind, though occasionally I will make a prototype of the finished creation with enough differences to still be considered unique.

These are the ooaks of smaller dolls. I have many more dolls to add to this gallery, and indeed soon I will add photos of some of my favorite dolls from Mattel as well. I hope you enjoy my work. Click on the hands or the doll's name to visit the links.

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Cupid's Little Sister

See my most recent Mini Minx Ooaks, made for sale at the Denver Barbie Convention, June 2002,
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Queen Colleen

Fashion Fun!
Fashion Avenue repro ooaks

Visit my patriotic pretties
Ruby Rocket
Faith Flagg

The Diva Dahlings,
Songbirds with style...

Celebrity Makeovers,
Petite Paparazzi...

Begoe by Heather B.

Goddess Gals,
Mini Mythology Swap...

Sif by Minx

Lyka Frostbite,
Faerie of the Morning

my faeries in miniature...

Lotus Dewdreamer,
Faerie of the Dawn

Melina, Bellydancer

Melina, Bellydancer...
Spanish Dancer...

Magdalena, Spanish Dancer

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While Mattel dolls are sometimes used for my creations, this artist is in no way associated with Mattel.