-Minxworks Custom Doll Creations-

Welcome to my small but growing gallery of my creations. Each of my
dolls is original and a one of a kind, though occasionally I will
make a prototype of the finished creation with enough differences
to still be considered unique. I have many more dolls to add to
this gallery, and indeed soon I will add photos of some of my favorite
dolls from Mattel as well. I hope you enjoy my work. Click on the hands or
the doll's name to visit the links.

email the artist at minxkely@xnet.com

Giselle won 3rd Place
in the 2001 Historical/Fictional Category
in the Barbie Bazaar Magazine
FDMAA Makeover Contest!!!

Visit The Rose Faerie,
Queen of the Sidhe
Visit Giselle and the Frog Prince
Visit the Sorceress of Kildare,
seer and force to be reckoned with.

Visit Vitamin T Tori OOAK
Visit EVE 2.0,
a PG-rated parody
of electrical engineering

Visit Barbie in Bucarest,
or Autumn in Transylvania!
Visit Simone,
A Lady of Verona

Visit constance,
The Madame du Minx
Visit Gleaming Twilight,
4th of July celebrant.

Visit Marie Laveau,
Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
Visit Amber Grey,
dressed for a Black & White Ball.

Visit My Sweater Girls
See my CPAP Barbie with her machine for sleep apnea.

Visit my Mini Minxworks Custom Creations in 4 1/2 Inches.

See some of my collection of OOAK Barbies that I have purchased.

Check out my 2nd Childhood Website with pages for Lego, Barbie, and Fun fun fun!

While Jakks, Integrity, Mattel, or other brand name dolls are sometimes used for my creations, this artist is in no way associated with the manufacturers.