Norse Goddess Sif
Wife of Thor
Mythic One-of-a-Kind Creation
By Minx Kelly
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Norse Goddess
Sif was the lovely Norse Goddess and wife to Thor. She was known to represent different aspects of the home, fertility, fidelity and the divination magic of women. She was also referred to as a swan-wife, one of the mythic maidens who with winged cape, could fly between worlds. Her most stunning feature was her hair, once cut off by the mischievous Loki who then had to replace it with hair of gold made by the dwarves. The golden hair then grew as her own.

The epic sagas hint at a love triangle between Sif, Thor and Loki, but only Sif knows the truth of that tale.

This cutie was done for a mythology swap run by the Kellyklub. Sif has bright blue eyes and golden tresses of honey blonde and coiled braids of golden cord. Her hair is gathered into decorated cylinders in back. Her gown is sheer white gauze with gold flecks and is pleated with gold ribbon gathering it at shoulders, bodice and waist. She also wears her magical swan feather cape.
I received the delightful goddess Begoe, Roman Goddess of Lightning and Thunder. She wa made by Heather Billings and is gorgeous in her silvery grey satin beaded dress, with her dark hair and her lightning bolt.
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