Kellyklub World Tour 2001: Part 2:
Group 1:
Colleen, Nicole, Angie & Jen
Colleen's Travelers:

See Moonbeam and Cassie's Bye Bye Page
Colleen's darling twins, Moonbeam and Cassiopeia are eager and all set to go on their first world tour! Their sister Killashandra will stay behind and she can't wait to meet all the visiting travelers!

After a slight flight delay,
JenRenee arrives from Italy!
The airline lost her luggage! so
JenRenee goes shopping for clothes!

JenRenee gets to sightsee in downtown Chicago!
Due to speedy international flights, both Angie's and Jen's lil travelers share a few days together in Chicago before Jen moves on to see Auntie Nicole while Karla and Darla stay with Colleen.
Karla and Darla arrive!
The four girls go to a birthday party!
Karla, Darla, Shandra and JenRenee play at Dave & Buster's Arcade!
See what PRIZES they won at the arcade

JenRenee leaves to visit Aunt Nicole!

Karla and Darla get to see Grandma Spengler's Garden and Art Collection!

Page 1: The girls start their Visit in Racine and see how big Grandma's farm is!

Page 2: The girls continue their Visit in Racine and play in the balcony flowers!

Page 3: The girls continue their Visit in Racine and go down to see the gardens closeup!

Page 4: The girls continue their Visit in Racine and see some of Grandma's artwork!

Molly and Leah picnic on the lake!
I loved hosting the wonderful little gals from my friends. Bye bye to
Darla and Karla Dental from Auntie Angie, Molly and Leah Crouch from Auntie Nicole, and JenRenee from Auntie Jen.

Come check out my visitors in the World Tour 2002!

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