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If you're a friend or colleague from the "good old days," here are some contact resources to help us all stay in touch.


If you haven't yet started working on the Y2K problem, it may already be too late. On second thought, it is now definitely way too late. :-) I'll leave the page up anyway so you can see how cloudy my crystal ball was. (I made only three modest predictions, and every one was wrong.)

You can reach me at these addresses.


Academic Degrees:


Fun stuff:


In addition to taking care of our kids, my wife Rosemary is also an artist. She has her own web page.

Our two Newfoundland dogs Aslen and Nellie also have their own page. Actually, we think of them both as a 100-pound-plus teddy bears, but they really are dogs.


If you keep voting for the lesser of two evils, that's just what you'll keep getting. If you don't vote at all, you can complain but nobody will listen. If you want more than a 5-second sound bite, check out the choices. If I recall correctly, there are four parties that were on the ballot in all 50 states in each of the last two presidential elections. A candidate or party doesn't have to win to influence policy, so you do have a choice.

And for nonpartisan information:

Dream House

Earth-Sheltered Housing

The advantages of earth-sheltered architecture seem so great to me, that I would like to have an earth-sheltered home someday. Such a building can be very energy-efficient, is enormously resistant to weather damage, is very quiet, and has low maintenance costs. It can also be very light and airy; not at all like the dark, damp dungeon that most people envision when they think "underground." Of course, it has to be designed properly - I've seen some that I would not want to live in.

If you want to learn more, check out any books by Malcolm Wells. He's an architect who really captures what an earth shelter should be.

Solar Energy

This is still in the realm of "someday," but I'm very interested in renewable energy, especially passive solar heating and photovoltaics. My goal is to someday have a home that can supply most or all of its heat and electricity from the sun - no pollution, no gas bill, no power failures in a storm.

The Environment

Both Rosemary and I are very interested in the environment, ecology, energy conservation, and stuff like that. Here are some interesting related links:


Outdoor Activities

I'm not really a die-hard hiker, but I do like to go for a nice walk in the woods now and then, and my wife Rosemary and I also enjoy canoeing and backpacking.

Model Railroading

I've been a model railroader since (at least) the age of 4. What with our new old house and pre-school twins and two dogs and all, my model railroading activities are pretty much on hold, but I do maintain my membership in the National Model Railroad Association. Another web site for model trains is Model Railroader Magazine.


Summer 1996 must have been good for plants, because even though it was the first year I've ever had a garden, the 6-foot high beans, peas, and melons almost got crowded out by the tomatoes and cucumbers (picture). Of course, we won't discuss the carrot (singular) or peppers (whad'ya mean, that's a weed?).


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