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The Computer Systems organization may have passed into history, but its people and spirit live on. This page is meant to serve as a gathering place for those of us who worked at any of the Computers Systems locations, both to remember the good times from the past and to maintain our networking into the future.

Coming Events

2000-03-28 (Tuesday) 7:00 PM
Uniforum Chicago will sponsor a talk at COD by W. Curtis Preston on SANs from A to Reality.

I try to update this page frequently, but if I'm slow this month you can track down interesting local talks yourself by checking:


If you want to get in touch with old friends from Computer Systems, here's a big list of names and email addresses which probably includes lots of folks you know. (At last count it covered 42 cities, 17 states, and one foreign country.) The list was originally the core of this page, but when it grew to over 100 entries it moved to a separate page of its own, hidden from the normal web-linking process to discourage abuse by mass-mailers. To view the Names Page, replace the two example passwords below with the real ones, then press the button.

In what city is IW located?

What does "IW" stand for?


Bob Hanson wrote up a comprehensive History Page, which consists primarily of a brief description of each project we ever did.

Cyndi Gillies put together a nice collection of pictures from the December 1997 reunion. She even did all the scanning and html work - thanks Cyndi!

Career Opportunities

If your company is looking for people, you may email me a short notice to include here. Unless you specify otherwise, I leave notices up for about two months. If you are looking for a job, talk to me! I often know about openings that are going begging for lack of people to fill them. It's a sellers' market.


If you have any suggestions for improving this page (or better yet, contributions to it) please let me know, as the material here is continually evolving and growing.

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