Tales from TCP Towers

These are the Tales from TCP Towers as spoken by Simon the Stressed, the main sysadmin troll in TCP Towers. They detail the battles between the trolls of TCP and the hordes of lusers that attack TCP Towers every day.

They were written from the start of 1996 until Simon the Stressed left TCP Towers in mid August 1996. Mail any comments on these pages to him at simes@bofh.org.uk.

To give you an idea of why going without sleep for long periods is a bad idea, have a look at my ode to washing up. After reading that ode, a friend wrote a guide to what sleep is.

Just don't ask for an explanation about the water buffalo.

  1. BLFH - Bastard Luser From Hell
  2. What do they expect ?
  3. More clueless users :(
  4. Re: I having fun for a change :)
  5. Its all dark in the NOC......
  6. Strange happenings at TCP Towers
  7. Arghggh, bad week :(
  8. Its getting weirder....
  9. Another friday at TCP Towers (honest)
  10. TCP Towers: The friday returneth
  11. TCP Towers under attack!
  12. Another friday at TCP Towers (part the first)
  13. Strange occurances at TCP Towers
  14. Lusers for sale
  15. Tension at TCP Towers
  16. Re: Tension at TCP Towers - Response
  17. Water Buffalo in TCP Towers
  18. Rebellion at TCP Towers!
  19. Spam, Spam, TCP Towers and Spam!
  20. Re: sendmail has to die!
  21. TCP Towers - The Next Generation (Written by John Vaughan)
  22. Untitled
  23. One of our trolls is missing!
  24. The troll has reached the plaza...
  25. The back slide has started
  26. An update on the Waterbuffalo problem
  27. Photos from TCP Towers

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