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Last updated: May 11, 1997

Q&A with Philip Segal

Below are questions and answers about the new Doctor Who movie and potential series. Answers provided from the Visions Staff are identified with "VS".

In "Enemy Within", did the TARDIS rewind time...?
Do you think you'd ever get involved again in reviving DW?
Is it SEgal, or SeGAL?
Opening credits missing the image of The Doctor...
What's the latest on a home video release?
Where did The Doctor get his Jelly Babies?
TARDIS soundFX in the movie...
Besides you, who were the primary decision makers re: the movie?
How long after Survival is the setting for the movie?
Favorite episodes...
Artist who performed "your kiss was a flame"???
Was that clip of the TARDIS from Trial of a Timelord?
Audio soundtrack availability, movie merchandise etc...
Can I put personal set photos on my web site?
US distribution of the novelization of the new movie...
Do you know if Paul McGann has any plans to attend Visions yet?
Any particular reason Susan wasn't mentioned in the movie?
What does "There's still life in the old Doctor yet." mean?
Why change the casting for the master in Roberts instead of Ainley?
What guided your decisions on the content of the movie?
What are your reactions to the US NEW WHO ratings?
Could you please explain why the Doctor is now half human?
TV talk show appearances by Paul, Daphne, and Eric?
Future use of the Doctor's memories ala The Brain of Morbious...
Why wasn't the "diamond" logo used?
Use of agent-represented and unrepresented material submissions for the new series...
How confident are you, any possible successor would not "violate" the show in some way?
New series directions and multi-Doctor stories...
Will there be a release of the soundtrack?
Will stories in any potential series be self contained in one show?
What was the cost of building props/sets for the new movie?
Isn't a ratings share of 17 a rather unrealistic expectation?
Is the TARDIS set still standing or has it been taken apart yet?
Is there any possibility that a future Doctor may be female?
Have broadcast/video dates been released for Australia?
Why doesn't The Master have a beard/goatee in the new movie?
Had Eric or Daphne ever seen Doctor Who before being offered the roles?
If they asked you to recommend a Doctor Who story, what would it be?
What film(s) made you decide Paul McGann would be your first choice for the Doctor?
Will you try to avoid swearing for the New Doctor Who? - 4/9/96
Is it possible that Terrence Dicks might script a "next installment"? - 4/8/96
If a series comes through could you show what happened to Ace?
Where can we find promos for the new movie?
Would you contact Anneke Wills and use her in new Who (series story)?
What do you feel the chances are of a new series this fall?"