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Summary of Qualifications: ten years of experience in technical management, applications programming, artificial intelligence, databases, and computer graphics.


April 1996 - Present
Software Engineer
Teradyne Telecommunications Division
Deerfield, Illinois
  • Integrated expert system into an automated test system of telephone lines.
  • Developed algorithms to detect devices attached to telephone lines.
  • Developed, maintained and coded programs using various software development methodologies such and structured analysis, Booch object-oriented analysis and design.

April 1992 - January 1995
Senior Programmer
Infotec S.A.
Geneva, Switzerland
  • Designed and developed applications displaying real-time stock and commodity market information under NeXTStep, Unix and X Windows using object-oriented development techniques on a wide variety of workstations.
  • Developed tools to support development activities such as bug tracking, source code control and release management.
  • Organized and acquired development tools to support staff's development activities.
  • Performed system administration of electronic mail and Usenet News.

June 1991 - October 1991
Computerized Capital Managment S.A.
Geneva, Switzerland
  • Supervised the continuing development of a computerized technical trading system in commodity futures.
  • Investigated the application of AI techniques such as neural networks and probabilistic reasoning for use in the trading system.
  • Developed indicators to measure market movements.
  • Planned and implemented a real time computerized trading system.
  • Managed large databases of historical market data and accounting information.

June 1986 - January 1991
Lead Programmer/Analyst
Global Information Systems Technology Inc.
Savoy, Illinois
  • Project Engineer for research and development contracts worth $1.1 million dollars over three years. Designed and implemented “intelligent tutoring systems” for computer-based training simulators. All projects were completed on time, were profitable and were within budget.
  • Performed knowledge acquisition and used AI techniques such as procedural networks, fault isolation diagnosis, Bayesian networks, and probabilistic reasoning in projects.
  • Supervised the technical quality of projects, developed project schedules and other technical management tasks.
  • Leader of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering Section
  • Reviewed and supervised technical personnel. Developed staff expertise through in-house seminars.
  • Wrote and contributed to research and development proposals.
  • Investigated promising technologies and proposal opportunities.
  • Project Engineer for training management systems development. The training management system integrated a database with scheduling algorithms to run a large training center (more than 25,000 students a year).
  • Implemented algorithms to manage and schedule courses, students, facilities, equipment, and instructors.
  • Designed accounting and reporting systems for customers.
  • Managed releases and maintenance.
  • Facility Security Officer in charge of maintaining classified government documents and the company's industrial security program. Liaison with government security officials.

June 1985 - August 1985
June 1984 - August 1984
Programmer/Analyst I
Northrop Defense Systems Division
Rolling Meadows, Illinois
  • Designed and developed software metrics tools in a software support group. Used structured software lifecycle methodologies in design and implementation.


Languages C++, C, Objective C, Pascal, PERL, HTML, Bourne and C Shell, MacLisp, Common Lisp, HyperTalk
Operating Systems UNIX (System V, BSD), NeXTStep, VMS, Genera 7.2, MS DOS, Macintosh OS and ToolBox
Databases SQL, Sybase, INFORMIX, Foxbase+/Mac
Graphics X, Xt, XView and Motif toolkits, SGI Graphics Library, SGI 4Sight, PostScript, Macintosh QuickDraw
AI Tools ART, CLIPS, RuleMaster, XiPlus


MS in Mathematics
May 1986
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
BS in Mathematics
June 1984
University of Chicago


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