Illinois Law of Criminal Investigation: Contents
LELR The Illinois Law
of Criminal Investigation


Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes

Part A: Arrest, Search and Seizure

Arrest and Detention

A1. Reasonable Grounds
A2. Arrest Warrant Requirements
A3. Misdemeanors
A4. Detention: "Stop and Frisk"
A5. Private Security Arrests

Search and Seizure

A6. Probable Cause: Search Warrants
A7. Other Search Warrant Requirements
A8. Search Incident to Arrest: Persons, Places and Automobiles
A9. Seizure of Evidence in Plain View
A10. Automobiles (Vehicles) Without a Warrant
A11. Open Fields
A12. Border Searches/Roadblocks
A13. Consent--Abandonment
A14. Inventory
A15. Emergency, Crime and Fire Scene
A16. Administrative/School Searches
A17. Eavesdropping
A18. Field Tests
A19. Private Security Searches

Effecting the Arrest, Search or Seizure

A20. Entry
A21. Warrant Essential
A22. Authority--Resisting Arrest--Force
A23. Execution of the Warrant
A24. Delay in Arrest or Search
A25. Summons--Subpoena

Suppression of Evidence

A26. Motion--Objection--Hearing--Harmless Error
A27. Standing to Object
A28. Disposition of Seized Materials
A29. Derivative Evidence: "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"
A30. Inevitable Discovery
A31. Independent Source
A32. Good Faith Exception
A33. Preservation of Evidence: Bad Faith Rule

Part B: Confessions, Self-Incrimination & Identification


B1. Voluntariness
B2. Miranda
B3. What is Custodial Interrogation?
B4. Public Safety Exception to Miranda
B5. Interrogation of Suspects Represented by Counsel (Massiah)
B6. Arrest and Disposition--Taking the Arrested Person Before a Magistrate
B7. Youths--Incompetents
B8. Probation/Parole and Other Agency Interviews
B9. Private Security Interrogation


B10. Prerequisite to Suppression--Revealing Inadmissible Confession
B11. Hearings
B12. Evidence--Use for Impeachment-- Harmless Error
B13. Derivative Evidence: "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"


B14. Nontestimonial Evidence: Schmerber--Gilbert
B15. Identification Procedures: Wade--Gilbert--Stovall--Davis
B16. Immunity--Exercising the Privilege
B17. Right of Silence--Tacit Admission
B18. Chemical Tests and Implied Consent

Part C: Civil Liability

State Law

C1. False Imprisonment
C2. False Arrest
C3. Assault and Battery
C4. Deadly Force and Wrongful Death
C5. Negligence/Vicarious Liability

Federal Law

C6. Section 1983 Civil Rights Actions
C7. Direct Constitutional Actions (Bivens)

Municipal Liability

C8. Sovereign Immunity
C9. Respondeat Superior
C10. "Official Policy or Custom" Violating Section 1983
C11. Negligence, Misconduct, and Civil Rights Liability Commentary