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  ILCI The Illinois Law
of Criminal Investigation
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New, Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition and Periodic Updates

Finally--an up-to-date guide to the Illinois Law of Criminal Investigation. Building on the strengths of the first edition published twenty-seven years ago, the authors have completely rewritten the text to reflect the many changes in both federal and state law, incorporated descriptions of hundreds of new cases, and expanded the coverage of the volume.

Easy to Read--Expanded Coverage

Written in clear and understandable language, The Illinois Law of Criminal Investigation highlights the many new developments in criminal law and procedure that are of vital concern to everyone involved with the criminal justice system. Reflecting the fact that there have been vast increases in the number of civil lawsuits against law enforcement officers and departments, the periodic updats now contain a major new section covering civil liability--whether under state law, or federal civil rights legislation.

Back Issues Available

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