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This is the obligatory about page where I'm supposed to talk about myself and the webpage. First off, if you want to contact me regarding this page with new information or something to add, you can email me at madman@xnet.com.

What possessed me to create this page? Well, I've been a fan of John Hughes movies for as long as I can recall and recently had my interest sparked once again after picking up The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Uncle Buck on DVD. I knew Hughes shot in Illinois and took to the net with my philosophy that any piece of information you could ever want is already out there. That's when I came across Alexander Rubinow's page and my journey started. I visited and photographed a lot of these locations in late Winter of 1999 and tracked down more locations and shot more photos in the Summer of 1999. And have been slowly working on this webpage when I've had the time to do so. I've also scoured old newspapers and magazines to dig up old articles and movie reviews, my aim is to make this the most complete resource for John Hughes information. Though my main focus right now is his coming of age movies, someday when I get the time I will expand these pages. So there you have it.