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NEW YORK, June 23

NEW YORK, June 23 /PRN/ -- Paramount's ''Ferris Bueller's Day off'' has grossed $18,621,954 in its first 12 days of national release, it was announced today by Barry London, president, distribution and marketing for the motion picture group of Paramount Pictures Corp.

The second John Hughes film under his pact with Paramount, ''Ferris Bueller's Day Off's'' box office launch is the most successful yet for the prolific and popular filmmaker. During its second weekend of release, ''Ferris Bueller's Day Off'' registered $5,721,799 at the box office. Indication of the film's hold-over playability, the weekend grosses saw only a 9 percent fall-off from the opening weekend figures.

''Ferris Bueller's Day Off'' is playing on 1,330 screens in the United States and Canada. Starring Matthew Broderick in the title role, ''Ferris Bueller's Day Off'' is the story of one man's struggle to take it easy.

Written and directed by John Hughes, with Michael Chinich as executive producer and John Hughes and Tom Jacobson as producers, the film also stars Alan Ruck, Mia Sara and Jeffrey Jones.

''Ferris Bueller's Day Off'' is distributed in the United States and Canada by the motion picture group of Paramount Pictures Corp., a member of the Entertainment Group of Gulf+Western Inc.

CONTACT -- Lloyd Ibert of Paramount Pictures, 212-333-4647