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Vol. 37 No. 1 Jan / Feb 2008
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Highlights of This Issue

United States Supreme Court Action

  • Special Bulletin: Age Discrimination Issues in Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Court Restores Sentencing Powers; Crack Cocaine Sentences Affected
  • Trading Gun for Drugs Was Not "Use" of Gun
  • Pending Criminal Law and Civil Liability/Personnel Cases

Federal and State Decisions

  • Arrest, Search and Seizure Issues: what constitutes a search; open car door; thermal imaging search warrants; body cavity search; collective knowledge doctrine; informer reliability; search incident to arrest; automobiles; investigative detentions; show of authority; stop and frisk; anonymous tip; traffic stops; air freshener; prolonging the stop; consent
  • Interrogation Issues: what constitutes custody; hospital statements; what constitutes interrogation; booking questions; two-step interrogation techniques; right to counsel; equivocal requests; voluntariness; injured suspect; expert testimony on suggestibility; statements to prison psychologist
  • Crimes; Evidence; Trial Issues Involving Police Witnesses: police tampering with drug evidence; police racketeering; coconspirator statements; DUI; 911 phone calls; admissibility of horizontal gaze nystagmus evidence; police testimony on drug modus operandi; police testimony on codefendant's statements; court security issues
  • Civil Liability/Personnel Law Issues: police liability for warrantless arrest; barricaded suspect; police liability for excessive force; use of Tasers; pepper spray; handcuffs on minor; police liability for deadly force; attempt to run down officer; residency requirements; police free speech issues; reporting misconduct; police training injuries; municipal jail administration


United States Supreme Court
Arrest, Search and Seizure
Crimes; Evidence; Trial Procedure
Civil Liability / Personnel Law
Special Bulletin
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