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Vol. 37 No. 2 Mar / Apr 2008
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Highlights of This Issue

Special Bulletin:
  • Failure to Protect From Domestic Violence

United States Supreme Court Action

  • Recent Oral Arguments: race-based retaliation; age discrimination; admissibility of evidence seized incident to illegal arrest

Federal and State Decisions

  • Arrest, Search and Seizure Issues: what constitutes search; requiring apartment occupant to open door; exigent circumstances; 911 calls; protective sweeps; evidence in plain view; inevitable discovery; investigative stops; anonymous 911 call; traffic stops; drug checkpoint ruse; racial profiling; consent; voluntariness; fruit of the poisonous tree
  • Interrogation Issues: custody; incarcerated suspects; telling suspect he is not under arrest; switching the subject of interrogation; invocation of right to remain silent; refusal to admit identity; resumption of questioning; representation by counsel; initiation of conversation by defendant; waiver; hitting defendant
  • Trial Issues Involving Police Witnesses: mixing lay and expert testimony in drug cases; assertion and withdrawal of Fifth Amendment privilege
  • Civil Liability/Personnel Law Issues: police liability for deadly force; deranged persons; training; police liability for excessive force; fleeing unarmed suspect; police liability for failure to disclose potentially exculpatory evidence; police liability for prisoner suicides; police liability for recording telephone calls to counsel; effect of department procedure; ordering off-duty officer to take breathalyzer test; police background investigation; reinstatement after lateral transfer; police discipline; retaliation for retaining counsel; police free speech; writing report critical of department; police chief employment rights; retaliation for reporting sexual harassment; isolated remarks were not sexual harassment; staring was sexual harassment


United States Supreme Court
Arrest, Search and Seizure
Trial Procedure
Civil Liability / Personnel Law
Special Bulletin
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