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Vol. 38 No. 2 Mar / Apr 2009
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Highlights of This Issue

Special Bulletin:
  • Absolute Immunity Rule for Prosecutors Extended to Certain Administrative Functions

United States Supreme Court Action

  • Police Can Search Car Passengers On Officer Safety Grounds
  • Exclusionary Rule Limited to Intentional Misconduct
  • Police Civil Liability Defense Expanded
  • Employee Rights to Complain of Sexual Harassment Expanded

Federal and State Decisions

  • Arrest, Search and Seizure Issues: search warrants; staleness; informer reliability; connection between drug sales and home; search incident to arrest; cell phones; body cavity search; exigent circumstances; judicial authorization; workplace search; right to privacy; probation search; home; parolee search; harassment; protective sweep; grab area; officer safety; hotel room searches; manager’s eviction; plain view doctrine; gun near drug paraphernalia; search of handcuffed suspect; domestic violence cases; traffic stop issues
  • Interrogation Issues: custody; home interviews; interrogation; functional equivalent; statements of fact; adequacy of warnings; reference to TV shows and prior arrests; invocation of right to counsel; unequivocal request; public safety exception; officer safety; voluntariness; deception; violation of rules; promise of leniency; inaccurate statement of possible sentence
  • Crimes; Evidence; Trial Issues: child pornography; home computer; intoxication; prescription drugs; identity evidence; fingerprints and photographs; police witnesses; admissibility of alleged false prior testimony; other crimes testimony
  • Civil Liability/Personnel Law Issues: liability for false arrests; mentally unstable persons; liability for deadly force; mentally disabled persons; Americans With Disabilities Act; reasonable accommodation; liability for excessive force; use of dogs; duty to intervene; liability for 911 calls; negligence; police personnel files; discovery by defendant; labor issues; change in duties not a demotion


United States Supreme Court
Arrest, Search and Seizure
Crimes; Evidence; Trial Issues
Civil Liability / Personnel Law
Special Bulletin

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