Actual unretouched photograph of the Philadelphia Experiment!

In the interest of furthering Emily Kelly's quest, consider the following entry from the FAQ:

F. There was a "Philadelphia Experiment" that tried to make stuff invisible.

I discovered two URLs from the Department of the Navy Naval Historical Center that corroborate the "F":

Some highlights from these pages:

While searching for Philadelphia experiment information (and there is a boatload of it), one ends up in that twilight zone of fantasy, paranoia, and general looniness. Here's a sample from someone laboring on the GUT of paranoia and the paranormal:

Note: 40 years later the project [Project Rainbow aka the Philadelphia experiment] was reportedly taken over and continued by a cabal of CIA agents in league with the Bavarian Illuminati of Germany, and it's fellow occult lodge, the Bavarian Thule Society which had created the Nazi Empire. These experiments were carried out in an underground base below Montauk Point, Long Island, and involved time-space window experiments and mass microwave mind-control. However, by that time the Pleiadeans were out of the picture all-together, since these fascists who had wrested control of the 'Philadelphia' technology from Navy Intelligence were at that time in full cooperation with the alien Grays in a joint effort to establish a one-world National Socialist Empire. This war between Navy and Nazi intelligence went "underground" after the Allied Invasion of Germany. There are allegations that Navy Admiral Richard E. Byrd and 4,000 elite Navy forces even made a secret attempt to destroy a super-secret underground Nazi stronghold in Antarctica code-named "New Berlin". This massive base was reportedly inhabited by over 2,000 Nazi-S.S. scientists, and nearly 1,000,000 lay Nazis [and slave-workers from the concentration camps], all of whom had mysteriously disappeared from Germany throughout the course of the war. This secret war is said to continue today within the Nevada Military complex between Navy Intelligence's "COM-12" who maintain contact with the Pleiadeans, and the CIA-Thule Society's "AQUARIUS" cult which has maintained ties with the reptilian Grays that may date back before the beginning of World War II - Branton

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